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Alga Biosciences is a fast-moving startup on a mission to transform the agricultural industry. Our goal is to eliminate methane produced by enteric fermentation. Methane is a small, energy-rich molecule with 104x the warming potential of carbon dioxide1 in the atmosphere over the next 20 years. Global livestock account for 14.5% of total anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions2, and cattle are the primary emitters via enteric fermentation.

We intend to make a dramatic impact on global methane emissions by stopping cattle from burping methane. We are collaborating with cattle-owners, ranchers, and scientists to do this in the fastest, cheapest, and most scalable way.Are you motivated to deploy a bold, game-changing climate technology? We would love to hear from you.


More Money

With less energy allocated towards methane production, each cow requires substantially less feed to grow at the same rate.

Less Methane

Our feed additive is inexpensive, safe for cattle, and can reduce their methane emissions by 97%